Foresight Consulting Home Inspections has a moto everybody should follow in New Jersey


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Over the past 20 years I have been inspecting homes in New Jersey for potential buyers and have found this business very rewarding.

Home inspecting has come to a new level because in New Jersey it is mandatory to be licensed. This license must be renewed every two years and requires continuous education on issues affecting home safety.

Choosing the right inspector is difficult and most likely you will rely on a realtor or an attorney to make a referral. Since you are buying a home you may know someone who has recently purchased a home and you could benefit from their experience and their referral.

A home inspector should be: licensed by the State of New Jersey; honest; professional and experienced. The most important aspect for retaining an inspector is his integrity. The home inspector should work for you to protect and add value to your investment.

A buyer should be present at the home inspection because it is helpful and insightful. The NJ inspector will inform you of what you are buying and make you more aware of the home’s condition and future expenditures.

The inspector should first inspect the outside of the home. This will help him with the overall layout of the home. The inspection of the interior should be thorough and non invasive. The seller is always worried that the inspector will take things apart or turn off appliances and breakers. The inspection has guidelines that are stated by the “Standards of Practice” by state of New Jersey. You should accompany the inspector and ask as many questions as possible and be made more aware of the condition of the home. There are no dumb questions because the home inspector should not only inspect the home, but also teach you about a home.

Just a thought, if an inspector tells you about a problem, you might remember.

If an inspector shows you a subject of attention, you may remember.

But, a home inspector that involves you in the subject, you will remember.

Remember, the inspection means knowing those aspects and conditions of your home that can affect your peace of mind and the value of your investment.

Keith and Christopher Salviano

Licensed NJ Home Inspectors